Agility Tibbies!

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Want to have some fun? Want to include your Tibbie? Try Agility! Agility is a fun dog sport in which you and your dog work as a team to navigate obstacles while your being timed. Tibbies are well equipt to fly around Agility courses! Instead of walking the back of the couch and "scrambling" on top of the kitchen table, they can walk the dog walk and "scramble" up the A-Frame!
Here are some interesting links that describe Agility in detail.

bart at 3 months oldThe Dog Patch- Agility FAQ's

Clean Run- This agility magazine is amazing! At their website you can find anything from trainers to great agility merchandise!

There are many titles a Tibbie can aquire in Agility with 3 different organizations.

AKC Titles
NANovice Agility
NAJNovice Agility w/ Jumpers
OAOpen Agility
OAJOpen Jumpers w/ Weaves
AXAgility Excellent
AXJExcellent Jumpers w/ Weaves
MXMaster Agility Excellent
MXJMaster Excellent JJW
MACHMaster Agility Champion