Agility Tibbies!

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Brag about your agility star here! I have decided to try a different format with this page. Click on each Tibbie's name and you will be able to view all the Tibbie's brags!
If your Tibbie is not listed yet and you would like to brag, please send me your brag and if you like a picture of the win!

El Ray's Trick Or Treat, AX, MXJ -Owned by Toni Rohlke

CH Belgae's Diamond In The Ruff OA OAJ -Owned by Carol Srnka

MACH Yeti Man in the Moon MAD EAC EGC EJC -Owned by Jane & Brad Trainham

CH Belgae's Dah Ling OA NAJ -Owned by Carol Srnka

Delmar's Just Do It For Tara NA NAJ -Owned by Toni Rohlke