Agility Tibbies!

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CH Tuwin Like Sammy Wilson NA -Owned by Tammie Shine & Toni Anders

August 30-31 2003
Just had to brag a bit about Chip and Spicy :) As of today, they both have their Novice Standard, and Novice Jumpers Titles in AKC. Spicy has her first Open Jumpers leg as well, and Chip has his first Preferred Novice Standard leg :) I think they are doing very well since the only training we ever do is MAYBE once a week at class where they each get to run through a course two, maybe three times and we only do limited showing. Chip is a slow and steady guy (too bad he knocked a bar - yes a 4" bar - today or he could have gotten a leg in standard too). He got a Front and Finish agility award for his NA because he got the title in his first 3 shows with 3 100 scores.

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