Agility Tibbies!

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Frizetta NA NAJ CGC

Owned by Michelle & Georgia Vogt

I adopted Frizetta from the pound in St. Louis in 1992. She has been competing on and off since 1993. She started with fun matches and now competes in AKC, NADAC, and UKC. She earned her CGC 7/19/96. With AKC she earned her Novice Agility title in 5/22/99. Her AKC Novice Jumpers w/ weaves Title 12/12/99. With NADAC she has earned her Novice Jumpers title 11/14/98. She only needs one more leg for her NADAC Novice Jumpers outstanding title. She only needs 5 points for her NADAC Standard Agility Title. We started UKC Agility in August 2000. Next month we will see how she does. For a senior dog she still has the love and enthusiasm for agility.

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