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CH Belgae's Diamond In The Ruff OA, OAJ -Owned by Carol Srnka

September 25-28 2003

Jasmine got a Stds leg giving her 2. She had a clean run and was just a tad over 7 seconds, but NOT 8 seconds over SCT....whew!!! (but I have been on the other side of that 10's of a second to NQ. So, it was my turn to be on the right side of it this time!!!) and Jasmine did pull off her 3rd leg yesterday to finish her open Stds title!! (with a 91, I might add!!) Even with a wrong course she was only 2 seconds over time. So would actually have been under time if she had not done a wrong tunnel!!

June 19-22 2003

Jasmine had clean runs in Excellent JWW 2 out of 3 days and only had a refusal at the weaves (which were the LAST obstacle!!). She was over time, but the courses were WAY difficult (only ONE Ex A dog qualifed on Thursday and only ONE Open JWW dog "Q"ed!!!!). Her Open Std runs were not great on Thursday and Friday, but today she got her first Open Std leg!!! YIPPEE!!! she had one wrong course - but still came in under time!!! (and I ran my little legs off!!!)

June 2002
Cato, NY

Well Jasmine and I have a little brag!! We have been at the trials in Cato, NY the last 3 days......the first day Jasmine had a BEAUTIFUL run......but her dumb mom ended up on the wrong side for the final sequence and missed the last jump (unfortunately Jasmine's little nose had already crossed the finish line!!....but even being an NQ - it was a nice run).....then yesterday (on a much harder course - and I HATE the table being right before the A-frame!!).....she ran clean and got her 2nd leg on her NA!!! Today was another more difficult than Thursday course - and I slipped and fell doing a front cross at the base of the A-frame and Jas had one "off course" (she went in the wrong end of the tunnel ....but then re-did it the right way - partially because I was a little surprised that the jump just before the tunnel had NEVER been set up....I was the first dog that kind of threw me.....and I'm sure that I gave her the cue to enter the wrong end.....anyway) - we pulled it together and did everything else perfect and finished that NA title with a 95!! She is REALLY running super right now!!! Way under time even with slips and falls etc!!

Feb. 2nd 2002
Syracuse Obedience Training Club trial.

Jasmine earned her first Novice Standards leg on Saturday Feb 2 at the Syracuse Obedience Training Club trial. She ran clean and under time for a score of 100 and being the only 8" Novice B dog......first place!! (there was another 8" dog - but he was in Novice A)

I am VERY pleased to announce that Jasmine is now......

Ch. Belgae's Diamond in the Ruff OAJ

Yesterday at Wine Country in Open Jumpers she ran clean and was just 2 seconds over time, so came in with a score of 96 and first place....and today she also had a clean run and only 1 second over time so again was first place with a 98!!! (I think - according to my calculations that she is only the third Tibetan Spaniel to gain an advanced agility title!!!) I am sooooo proud of her!!! And I am walking on air!! So now I am busy eating my I have said since Day One that I would never move on to Excellent. Well.......enough people convinced me today to "give it a try" - "what have you got to lose"...."it is just for fun!!!" So I took the plunge and moved her up to Excellent......although I have no thoughts of qualifying there anytime soon!!! But what the heck........we can "run for fun" in that ring just as easy!!!

Aug. 5th 2001
The Central New York Shetland Sheep Dog Club agility trial.

"Jasmine" qualified for her first leg in Open Jumpers! She had a clean run with some time faults. It was very hot and Carol is very proud of her girl for being such a trooper! Good job Jasmine and Carol! Congratulations!

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