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Delmar's Just Do It For Tara NA NAJ -Owned by Toni Rholke

March 6-7 2004
Nike got his 2nd Open jumpers leg this past weekend. Just one more and he will have his jumpers title. We didn't get anything in standard although he had some pretty good runs. Weave poles continue to be a problem. It is a little hard controlling him because of his speed. Our qualifying run is because I did a front cross at the jump just before the weaves to slow him down (actually I stopped him for a second or two) so he made a nice entrance to the weaves and concentrated on completing all 12 (he popped on the 11th in one run).

February 7-8 2004
Nike got his NAJ title this weekend in Mississippi with a 100 score and a first place. We had a little bobble at the weaves but everything else was fine. Nike also got his first open standard leg (he nailed his weaves!) with a second place (his score was lower but he had a much faster time than the first place dog), and his first open jumpers title with a perfect run. He was nine seconds under and this was a judge that really wheeled tight courses! A friend was assistant scribe and she said that after Nike's run the judge asked what his time was. He noted that he was a nice dog. On Sunday Nike also got his first open jumpers leg!

October 18-19 2003
Well, I made it back from Alpharetta. I got in late last night and had to work today and had agility class tonite, otherwise I would have sent a note sooner. Nike is now Delmar's Just Do It for Tara NA! He got his title by qualifying in three straight runs. He is now in Open Standard. We had some really great runs in Novice Jumpers but unfortunately have yet to get a qualifying run. On Friday Nike had a near perfect jumpers run but missed his footing on the second to last jump, plowed into it, landed face first, slid in the dirt, got up and completed the last jump. All well under time (the 3 qualifying dogs with faster times were all in the 20" division and border collies). It was a real heartbreaker. On Saturday he entered to tunnel the wrong way (my fault - I couldn't keep up with him), I sent him back the correct way and finished almost 20 seconds under time! He did all the other obstacles great with only a slight bobble at the weaves. Friends of mine were joking that instead of Run Nike Run, I need a shirt that says Run Toni Run!

October 4-5 2003
Well Nike had his first agility trail this weekend in Alpharetta, GA. I only entered him in the Saturday events. In the jumpers course he had a very good run but he had a back jump at one of the jumps, so he didn't qualify. He did really good so I'm not complaining. He also had a very good run in Standard. He had one wrong course with a final score of 95. He won first place! He had a very good time even though he lost time due to the wrong course, taking a little to long on the sit stay at the table, and extra time at the weaves. Even with the bobbles he was 5 seconds under time!

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