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CH Belgae's Dah Ling NA NAJ -Owned by Carol Srnka

January 11 2004

Tiffany had a really pretty run in Open STD. Although she is doing this on and off the table thing - which cost her 5 points and she veered wide and put 2 feet on the dog walk which cost her an off course, but she hit her weave entrance, did everything else, and was still 8 seconds under time to finish her Open STD title!! This afternoon in JWW she really did quite well (had one bobble - when she went to greet another ring steward) hit her weave entrance (but was very slow. She essentially had a clean run, but unfortunately was 1/2 second beyond the allowable time!! So near and yet so far!! That would have finished her Open JWW title too, but we will save that for next time. Heck she doesn't want me to have all the fun in one weekend!! LOL!

October 16 2003
Tiffany (Ch. Belgae's Dah Ling NA, NAJ) received a Front and Finish Excellence Award Agility Gold (FFXA-G)....for completing her Novice Agility title in her first 3 consecutive trials with scores of 95, 95 and 100!

September 25-28 2003

Tiffy came home with a JWW leg and a Stds leg (giving her 2 of each).

September 2003

Tiffy had some nice runs and on Saturday did all of her weaves (6 in JWW and 12 in Std.) and got her 1st leg in Open Std!!! She did have time faults. So, ended up with a 94!!!

June 19-22 2003

Tiffany (Ch. Belgae's Dahling NAJ) can now add the NA to her name! She qualified Thursday and Friday, both scores of 95 and first place!! Her Open JWW runs on those days were OK, but NQ. Actually on Friday she would have qualified, but responded to Jasmine's "chirps" at ringside and so got a 2nd refusal! Then today Tiffany got her first Open JWW leg with a score of 100 and another 1st place!! Needless to say I am very proud of her!!

May 10 2003

I had Tiffy entered in Novice Standards (1st time) and Open JWW (also 1st time)......she ran very well in the standards class and only had a table fault (where she jumped on and immediatley off....and I got her back up and completed it) we got a 95 and her 1st leg!!! The open JWW course was fun....we had some issues at the beginning with the weaves (3rd obstacle)...and hit a wrong tunnel..etc.....but once we completed everything correctly...and made it through the tunnel the right way....she did the rest of the course (13 jumps and tunnels) really GREAT!!! Felt like real team work!!

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