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El Ray's Trick Or Treat AX MXJ -Owned by Toni Rohlke

March 6-7 2004
Boo got her 3rd MX leg. We are gradually chipping away at this title (7 more to go). We actually had a really good weekend. She qualified twice in jumpers and would have qualified for a 3rd (and would have had one of those infamous double Qs) but she was just a little slow. This is typical when it gets warmer out. She had some really close runs in standard. She is running really well and really listening to me.

October 18-19 2003
Boo got her 7th MXJ leg. Only 3 more to go. I think we are both running better than ever. It just seems that we keep making some small mistake that cost us those qualifying scores for our MX.

October 4-5 2003
Boo had a good weekend. She got two more legs (and two 3rd places) in the Masters jumpers events. This brings her to a total of 6 legs out of 10 required for her MXJ title! Her Standard runs were pretty goodbut we didn't qualify. It will take sometime before I see that MX title.

May 17th, 2003
Boo finally got her AX title this past weekend in Decatur, Ala. on her first run of the weekend (Saturday May 17). She had a perfect run and was under time for a First Place! This was her only qualifying run for the weekend but it really meant a lot. I really wanted to finish her excellent title before the end of the season. This was my last trial until fall.

February 9, 2003
Boo got her 3rd MXJ leg in Louisianna this weekend and doubled her points from 6 to 12. Would have been more but Muffy the Pom went to see the chiropractor.LOL We still are still trying for that "expletive deleted" last AX leg. We just can't seem to get it. She had two really nice runs this weekend, she has just started popping out at the end of the weave poles! We plan to keep plugging away.

January 5, 2003
I was hoping to announce that Boo had gotten her last leg in Excellent standard for her AX title, but alas it passed us by this weekend. Again mostly my fault. She did make good time and hit all of her contacts so it wasn't too bad. As usual, she doesn't like to see me go home empty handed and on our last run of the weekend, she had a perfect run in Excellent B JWW for her first MXJ leg and her first points (only 4 pts. but I'm still thrilled). She came in second to Muffy, a really fast pomeranian. Only 20 double Qs and 746 points to go!!!:)

December 8, 2002
Boo got her AXJ title on December 8. She had a beautiful run and under time. We didn't have too much luck in the Standard ring. It was so cold Saturday morning, all the dogs were wired. Boo ran the course twice by the time we were done LOL. On Sunday I lost my way again! Boo needs a better handler! I am on cloud nine! She is running so well. I am really proud of her.

November 30, 2002
Pensacola, FL

Boo got her second leg in Excellent A JWW on Saturday, November 30, at our FFDTC trial in Pensacola, FL (my club's homefront). She was the only one of 4 Excellent A dogs to qualify. She was even under time! In Standard I did my typical screwup and sent her over the wrong jump; but on Sunday we had another perfect run in Standard beating out another club member by 1/2 second for a 1st place and our 2nd leg in Standard Excellent A. We did not qualify in jumpers on Sunday (I guess we are waiting to get the titles at the same time LOL).

October 2002
Alpharetta, GA

Boo and I were in Alpharetta, GA this weekend and had a pretty good time. On Saturday she got a First place (100 pts) in Excellent A Standard. She was 8 seconds under time! (that would have been 16 pts if we were running for points). I was so proud of her. Very few dogs qualified in this event. Only 4 in the 8-16" divisions. I don't think many in the 20-24" qualified but I didn't get a number. Boo was the only 8" dog to qualify. She was the only A. There were 5 B 8" dogs. None qualified. She also had one of the fastest times of the small dogs. In jumpers on Saturday she had a perfect run but was 8 seconds over (must have made up for the 8 seconds under in Standard LOL). On Sunday (also known as stupid handler day LOL) in Standard, we missed the teeter so we got a refusal. She went on to complete the course perfectly and although she would have had time faults we would have qualified except for the refusal. I think I didn't give her a clear enough signal and that was why she missed it the first time. In jumpers on Sunday I sent her over the wrong jump at obstacle 4. I knew it when I did it and glanced at the judge. She was shaking her head. I'm sure she was thinking, boy was that the wrong move. We got back on track and completed the rest of the course (the difficult part) perfectly. I was so disappointed but not nearly as disappointed as I was when I found out we were only 2 seconds over. That could have been my 2nd leg in Excellent A jumpers. Big thumbs up for Boo for doing everything I asked and a really big thumbs down for the stupid handler. This was the first time I really have started to believe that we can get our excellent titles. We currently have a leg in standard and jumpers. Our next trial will be Thanksgiving weekend. Carol, she did her weaves perfectly. That alone deserves a big brag!

May 3rd & 4th 2002
Huntsville, AL

Well it has finally happened! Boo has her Open Standard Title. She got her two remaining legs in Huntsville, AL on Friday and Saturday (May 3 and 4) with a First and Second place. She had a score of 95 on Friday (refusal at weaves) and a 92 on Saturday (time faults only). Saturday was a real heart stopper. They had two rings going. She was in Excellent Jumper and Open Standard. It looked as if I would be running in both rings at the same time. She ran last in jumpers and second in Open. To avoid the conflict, they moved me up in jumpers to before the 12" dogs. Ran her there (very tough course - Boo did great but was too slow). I had enough time to hand her to a friend, run to the Open ring for walk throughs and then back in for my Open run. No wonder she didn't make time! On Sunday she ran both excellent events. Did pretty good but again a bit slow. Need to pick up about 3-4 seconds in speed. She is still going through the weaves pretty slow.

She is now Elray's Trick or Treat OA OAJ! Boy that sounds great!

Feb. 9th 2002
We had a great weekend in Gonzales, LA. Boo got a first place in JWW on Saturday with a score of 95 (she had a refusal at weave poles-of course) and was well under time. On Sunday she got a first place in JWW with another score of 95 (she did the weaves perfect:) but had a refusal on one of the jumps:( which is not like her at all LOL) she again was way under. I believe 6 seconds under for both days! This was her final leg and now she has her OAJ!!!!!! Although we didn't qualify in Standard she had a couple of good runs. On Sunday she only missed the contact on the A frame, otherwise she ran a clean course. It surprised me that she missed the contact and we are going to work on that. To make the weekend even better Tien Tran was there taking photos and I got a couple of great ones! Can't tell you how proud I am of her. She is the greatest!!!

Nov. 3rd 2001
BARK trial.

Boo got her first Open Standard leg on November 3 at the BARK Trial in Mobile, Alabama with a score of 88 and a first place. Her time was 70.21. The course time was 72 (not bad considering she had a wrong course and a refusal that took up some time). She was the only 8" dog to qualfy in this event. I think over the weekend there was only two 8" dogs that had qualifying scores in Open. The judge was Tracy Hanna. I understand she has pretty tough courses. Not very many dogs qualified over the weekend.

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