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photo by Tien Tran

MACH Yeti Man in the Moon MAD EAC EGC EJC

Owned by Brad and Jane Trainham

Clem is really my husband Brad's dog. I was training my Pembroke Welsh Corgi Poppy in agility and obedience, and Clem acted very interested in all the goings on (and all the cookies Poppy was getting!). So I started training him as well, and we have had a lot of fun. He started his agility career in February 1998, getting his AKC NA NAJ OA and OAJ titles, plus his USDAA AD title that year. He earned the AKC AX AXJ and MXJ titles, and NADAC NAC NGC and NJC titles in 1999, and placed 8th in the 12" division at the 1999 AKC National Agility Championships (right behind Poppy!). In 2000, he earned the 10th leg for his AKC MX title, and his NADAC OAC OGC OJC EAC and EGC titles. This year he finished the NADAC EJC title. He got his MACH Jan. 26, 2002 and is the first Tibbie to get it, and the first dog of any breed in Austin, TX ! We're also working in obedience and, who knows, we may even show! Clem has also been a member of Therapy Pet Pals of Texas since 1998 and regularly visits his friends at a local healthcare facility, entertaining them with his obedience skills and his trick of "leaning back". He has never met a person he didn't like, and he especially likes children. He has gone from being "my husband's dog" to being my partner, teammate, and companion. (But he still loves his "Daddy" of course!)

Clem & Jane

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