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MACH2 Yeti Man in the Moon MAD EAC EGC EJC -Owned by Jane & Brad Trainham

October 12 2003
DOTC agility trial

Just wanted to let you all know that Clem finished his MACH2 yesterday at the DOTC agility trial in McKinney! Once again, he's made Tibbie history, being the first MACH2 Tibbie in the country and the first MACH2 dog of any breed in Austin! He went 4 for 4 over the weekend, qualifying in all his classes. He knew he did something special yesterday afternoon, he was really "up" even after a long weekend. And of course, he got some chicken, his favorite treat!!

Feb. 23, 2003
Ruff 'n Ready trial

Well, I have to brag on Clem. He finished his USDAA MAD (Master Agility Dog title) this past Sunday at the Ruff 'n Ready trial in New Caney (near Houston)! And he did it in only two trials! He's the first Tibetan Spaniel MAD, I believe, and I am pretty proud of his USDAA record! He got his AD (Agility Dog, which is the USDAA Novice title) way back in 1998 and I didn't show him any more in USDAA until last fall. (Too many AKC trials and working toward his MACH). He got his AAD (Advanced Agility Dog title) in three straight trials, and the trial last weekend was his first Masters trial. At that trial, by the way, he was one of only 5 dogs (out of 67 in the entire class) to get the Gamble - the other four were Border Collies. Clem was the only "mini" dog (12" or 16" dog) to Q in that class. This past weekend he was also the only mini dog to get the Gamble on Saturday. I guess you can tell I'm a little bit proud of him! (For those who aren't familiar with the USDAA titles, the MAD title requires 3 qualifying scores in Masters Standard (equivalent of the AKC Excellent level) plus one qualifying score in each of the four games: Gamblers, Snooker, Pairs and Jumpers. The USDAA agility championship title (MACH equivalent) is the ADCH, which requires four more qualifying scores in each of the 5 classes. It's a fun venue to show in, the only drawback for Tibbies who normally jump 8" in AKC is that the lowest jump height in the Championship classes is 12". They have a Performance division, similar to the AKC Preferred division, where the dogs jump lower heights, but there is no MAD or ADCH available from those classes. )

Jan. 26th 2002
Flashpaws trial

I have to brag on my main guy, Clem. He earned his MACH on Saturday, January 26, at the Flashpaws trial in Humble, Texas with a first place and 23+ seconds under time (for 46 points)! He needed only 15 points going in to the weekend, and he ran like he knew what was at stake! (Of course, it helped a LOT that the weather was really cold!) His time was up there with the Border Collies, and he came close to getting High In Trial! He's the first MACH of any breed in Austin, TX and, I guess, the first MACH Tibby. Not too bad for my husband's lap dog (literally)! He got his victory lap, the "last bar" (which everyone signed), his first place rosette and the biggest MACH rosette you've ever seen. We've been through a lot (losing his best friend, my Pembroke Welsh Corgi Poppy, and getting chased by a Border Collie while training), so needless to say, I am pretty darn proud of the little guy. He's one tough customer! Of course, he got lots of immediate goodies (about half a cup of chicken, his favorite) and a Big Mean Kitty II (replacement for Big Mean Kitty I, which Zelda the Corgi tore up a couple of years ago).

Really big congrats to Jane & Clem!

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